We as the manufacturers of the garments believe in working with other sources as well. If you need an urgent order completion of any desired fabric such as, bed sheets and pillows in huge quantity then we can make sure your order is delivered in the date we have given you. Hazel enterprises wants to improve our quality of service by working with 3rd party and assuring you that all your materials that you have invested are in legitimate hands. Apart from our main production house we have other manufacturing places where our representatives are present every single day and checking the supplies and deliveries in every way possible. We ensure every other source we have linked is legal and provides the results you seek in a company. We give all our customers guarantee that the stuff you will get from us you will never find it from any other place.


Resource services

Hazel enterprises has tons of internal sources and no matter what how much big your order is we can get it done by giving to them and expect it to deliver on given date and time. There is a reason why every other company believes in our manufacturing because we give results by showing our services to the people who are linked with us.


Company’s evaluation

  • Financial performances
  • Provides productivity
  • First class export quality
  • Very relevant procedures
  • Equipments and machinery procedures
  • Level of 100% professionalism
  • Technical competency
  • Monitoring every new upcoming trends in fabrics

Our company has one goal in mind is to make sure everything is accurate and all of our efforts is to made new contact outside of our services. So, we can easily understand your fabric needs and fulfill the demands. Hazel enterprises is happy to announce that we have successfully undergone a new requirement process and establishing new manufacturing machines and all of our employees are ready to welcome your work and hope to work for long time. You have our commitment, loyalty, and dedication and we won’t let you down no matter what. Just give us one chance to see how our services work.