Company Profile


Welcome to our website we are Hazel Enterprises, here you will find all the unique and interesting things about all kinds of fabric and garments. We have made our website specifically for those people who are related to export garments and here they can find all the categories and best quality fabrics. Our main goal is to help you save as much money as you want while buying the most affordable garments. We do import export business with the foreign companies all over the world and so we made sure all our orders deliver in time permanently. We are the manufacturers of the best leather garments and deal in cheap fabric materials as well. People who are looking for a brand that can handle all their work then you can rely on us and we promise to make the most of it.

Our way of doing business is very different from other outsources. Hazel Enterprises are capable of making all types of fabrics and garment items. Specifically related to the sports, our company’s main target is to become a leading provider of the good quality, with cost effective and in very reliable prices. Our job is to satisfy our customers with self oriented solutions so in future we would be able to gain more customers from all over the world. You can visit our website anytime and see our products and items that are ready for you to grab them. You won’t find anything like us and you will get 100% guarantee on each of our fabric materials.

If you are looking for a fabric brand that can manufacture your goods in time then Hazel Enterprises is the name you should consider in the first place. You don’t have to worry about once you made a deal with us and we promise to give our best and will definitely live up to your expectations in future.

CEO's Message


Our CEO (chief executive officer) has a very special message for all those people who want to work with us. That we want to make a name for ourselves in the fabric garments by providing the good quality materials based on the latest trend of garments. Fashion is something that every person wants to wear whether it for their own personal choice or for decorating their homes. We understand it very carefully and promise to do our level best to give our customers something refreshing stock all the time. We have great lineup of textile mills and the devoted employees, they are hard working and totally loyal with us. All the credit goes to the management and the technical team. You can always expect the completion of production in a very short time. We value our customers dearly and are always ready to make compromise with them.

We just want to take our Hazel Enterprises both local and international level and become a leading readymade garment manufacturers in the world. So, everyone can recognize us and wear our brands clothes in every way possible. We want to build a bridge between the manufacturers and buyers to make value their imports in time, safe, smooth and within the required standards of the line also our personnel who always attain any order and supply to our buyers requirements. We are both experienced and professional manufacturers in readymade garments and we can fulfill all kinds of demands including, printing, embroidery and many more. We only supply according to our buyers requirements and designs. We provide sample to all the buyers according to their needs and deliver the shipment to our customers without having them pay any payments.

I heartily thank you from the bottom of my heart to all our respected and valued buyers who has shown trust on our services and quality.

Our Vision



Our vision (aim) is to continue the success, with those who are committed to work with us and together we can achieve the milestone and create a legacy upon our foundation that will live forever. We want to do something out of our league and supply all the fabrics to all over the world. We have already manufactured men, women, and children wear garments from casual to jeans, Hazel enterprises always trying to improve in terms of production and manufacturing departments because the more clean supply is delivered the more our customers will be happy to see it in time. We always believe in maintaining a long term relationship with out potential buyers and want to extend our business worldwide. We use one of the most advanced machines to knit the fabric and stitch the garments of all kinds. You won’t find any kind of wrong pattern or any rejected piece.

We are the team of professionals who provides quality materials and great service to our beloved customers and give them satisfaction and guarantee of our work.