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Welcome to our website! We are Hazel Enterprises. Here you will find information about all kinds of fabric and garments. We have made our website specifically for those who are related to exporting garments With us, you  can find all the categories and best quality fabrics.


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Hazel enterprises is proud to say that we deal in all kinds of fabric garments such as jeans, bed sheets, socks, towels, pillows, trousers and many more. We also export fabric to all over the world. We can assure you that our products are 100% safe and make sure there is no rejected piece is included in it. All of our employees are well determined and dedicated to their work. Read More



We as the manufacturers of the garments believe in working with other sources as well. If you need an urgent order completion of any desired fabric such as, bed sheets and pillows in huge quantity then we can make sure your order is delivered in the date we have given you. Read More

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Our CEO (chief executive officer) has a very special message for all those people who want to work with us. That we want to make a name for ourselves in the fabric garments by providing the good quality materials based on the latest trend of garments. Fashion is something that every person wants to wear whether it for their own personal choice or for decorating their homes. We understand it very carefully and promise to do our level best to give our customers something refreshing stock all the time. We have great lineup of textile mills and the devoted employees, they are hard working and totally loyal with us. All the credit goes to the management and the technical team. You can always expect the completion of production in a very short time. We value our customers dearly and are always ready to make compromise with them.

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